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Football. The most popular colective sport in the World. Every day, thousand of people visit football stadiums and even more people watch online fotbal stream in TV or watch football live online. Football is one of the oldest sport, but football game, how we know it and watching football online or live at the stadiums was formed in England in the 16th century. Private high schools started to force pupils to sport, but each school used its own customized rules that changed over the years. This created two main directions that continued to develop football. The first is to carry the ball with your hands (used today in Rugby, at that time for example in Marlborough or Cheltenham). The second form favored kicking in the ball (Harrow, Westminster, Chaterhouse).

After the development of rail transport, it was possible to organize competitions between schools. But that was not possible until uniform football rules were laid down. So, in 1848, 14 representatives of different schools met at the meeting and the result was the first set of football rules. The soccer (football) gained attractiveness and the audience (football fans) began to visit football matches. Nowadays popularity has increased so much that the football stadium capacity is not enough. That's why are live footbal stream on TV and the internet, so every viewer can watch live football broadcasts of a match that is of interest to him and is played on the other side of the world. Online football streams allow you to watch top football competitions such as the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A and many more.

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